Concrete or Wood Fence Posts?

The question is, which fence posts are best?

Like everything else in life, there are pros and cons when choosing fence posts for your garden fence - so, should you go for concrete fence posts or wood fence posts?

The Forest Planed Fence Post 70 x 70 x 2400mm insitu

Wood Fence Posts



Wood fence posts are the cheapest way to support your panels.


Many people find timber posts and panels give their garden a warmer look, as well as having a neater all-round design.


Because this type of fence post is a lightweight option, it is easier to handle and will make installation a walk in the park.



Wooden fence posts can sometimes be seen as basic and boring.


There is always the danger that wood posts will rot or split. Therefore, you may need to replace them, at some point in the future.

Forest Lightweight Concrete Fence Post 2.36m insitu

Concrete Fence Posts



Concrete fence posts provide a stronger, more durable support for your fence panels.

No Rot or Decay

They will not rot or decay over time. They endure anything and you'll never have to worry about the concrete splitting, like you might with wooden posts.


By using concrete posts, you remove the need for nails, brackets and fixings. Once they're up, that's it.



Concrete fence posts are harder to install due to their weight, which can make them awkward to manoeuvre. (However, our lightweight concrete fence posts negate this problem.)


Although many people will argue that you get what you pay for, concrete fence posts are more expensive than their wooden counterparts.

Concrete vs Wood Fence Posts - The Winner is...

This may seem like a difficult decision to some of you but, whilst we have no hesitation recomending our premium-quality wood fence posts, we would have to say that concrete fence posts are our preferred option for the perfect garden fence.

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