Replacing Fence Panels


Picking up damaged, blown down fence panels can be hard work!

People all over the country are or have experienced bad weather in the last few weeks – years are consequently dealing with problems in the garden due to the weather, including discolouration, blown over panels and furniture and damage to the majority of garden items. Whether it is all of the fence panels or just a few, they will now annoyingly need replacing. If you are one of these many people needing to replace panels, continue reading to find out what we can offer you, the cost of replacing fence panels and so on… We have a huge product range of fence panels to offer, you are bound to find the panels for you, that match your current panels in place - or not so much in “place” anymore.

In the past you may have gone for the 10 year guarantee dip treated panels due to the colour or what ever it was at the time. Since then you may of experienced problems which relate back to the weakness in the wood, if this is the case, we strongly recommend you go for pressure treated panels this time, the treatment is a lot stronger for the timber as it is forcefully injected into the wood at the factory and manufacture’s give a longer guarantee on the pressure treated products for these reasons of 15 years.

You may decide that the damaged done isn’t that bad after all and you could just do with a treating session to the wood to restore your panels, this may be because you have got discoloured panels or chips in the treatment which now need refreshing.

Here at Buy Fencing Direct we supply single board panels which you can fit together to make a full panel leaving small gaps between each board. These would greatly benefit you during the bad weather by allowing the strong winds and heavy rainfalls blow through the gaps. The one disadvantage to this option would the reduction in privacy you leave yourself, however, if you are fencing off a pet pen or live in the countryside without close-by neighbours this could be the answer!

So, navigate yourself around the website, be dazzled by the choice you've got and leave the website with your replacements!....“The strongest on the market”

For more information on the treatment process of all of our wooden fence panels, watch our video below: