a fence run with fence posts - make sure you factor these into your fence installation costs

So, you have a new property, which needs fencing or are looking to replace your existing fence run entirely. There is one burning question though, “What will the fence installation costs be?” This is the subject of our latest guide, so read on as we explore all the factors involved to accurately calculate all the expected new fencing costs.

Introduction: budgeting for your fence

If you are replacing your existing fence or buying a new fence for the first time, then you can expect to pay a wide range of prices depending on what you need. The material varies, depending on just how sturdy, tall, decorative, or secure you want your garden fencing to be. Then there are the actual fence installation costs to consider, as well as any ongoing maintenance to factor in. Read our fencing buying guide to arm yourself for your garden fence purchase.

Factors influencing fence installation costs

There are lots of factors that can influence fence installation costs. Here are some of the most basic:

Garden size

The number of fence panels you need to purchase to create your fence will obviously influence how big the bill will be. Most fence panels measure six feet long. The taller your fence, the more the garden fencing cost to install will be.

Fence material

What your fence is made of will also affect the price. Most fences in the UK these days are made from wood in the form of a post and rail fencing design. You will find the price varies even for these, depending on the type of wood used and how decorative the fence is.

Composite fences, which are made from wood and recycled materials are growing in popularity. This is mainly because they are long-lasting and require very little maintenance. They are usually in the mid-price range when it comes to cost too.

Talking of cost, iron and aluminium fences are the most expensive types of fencing to purchase and install, but certainly, they do provide good security.

Fence décor

The more decorative and elaborate the fencing is, then the higher your garden fence installation costs. That is because, being more intricate, the fence will take longer to produce.

Fence location

If you want your fencing built in an area which is difficult to access for whatever reason, or the ground is particularly uneven, then this will add to the fence installation costs. That is because, in the case of the latter, the ground will have to be levelled prior to the installation work beginning.

a contemporary picket fence - opting for standard panels over decorative ones will bring down fence installation costsa contemporary picket fence - opting for standard panels over decorative ones will bring down fence installation costs
Forest 6' x 3' Pressure Treated Contemporary Picket Fence Panel (1.83m x 0.9m) - Click Image to View

Step-by-step calculation guide

The first factor to work out is what material you would like your fence made from. Next, decide how long and how tall you want the fence to be. This allows you to calculate the cost of the number of fence panels you will need.

Once you have done this, work out the cost of the fencing material (to install fence panels or railing and fence posts), everything you need to know you can find on our website. After this consider how much it will cost for labour and preparing the ground, if necessary. Will you need to hire any equipment?

Work out if you need planning permission and, if so, add to your fence installation costs. Finally, add the labour costs to install the fence to your total.

Breaking the above down further, you can expect to pay the following.

Cost of fencing materials

Consider the cost of the fencing materials required:

  • Fencing panels - anything between £40 to £60 for a standard fencing panel (e.g. lap panels). Whereas closeboard fence panels are slightly more expensive, ranging from £40 to £70. View our entire range of fence panels, sorted by price ascending order here
  • Fence posts - if you require fence posts, these will cost:
    • Concrete fence posts – from £60 per post, click here
    • Timber fence posts – up to £40 per post, on average cost (click here)
  • Gravel boards – these are highly recommended to create a buffer between the wet earth and the fencing panels. Wooden gravel boards are around £10 each, and concrete gravel boards are around £40 each. One gravel board will be required for each of the 6’ fence panels installed
  • Post and rail wooden fencing - is charged per foot, at around £10


Fence installation costs

In terms of the fence installation costs, when you hire a professional, you can expect to pay:

  • Hourly rate – between £25 and £40 depending on where you live in the UK (Source)
  • Time per panel – allow around 60-75 minutes for each fence panel complete with either a concrete fence post or timber fence post to be installed (Source)
  • Expected installation cost for a 36’ wide fencing run – this represents six panels, so around let us say c400 minutes of work. This would calculate at a price of between around £150 and £275 to install depending on the rate you can negotiate
  • Excludes cost of materials – the above excludes the cost of materials
  • Other factors to consider – if you intend to include the professional fencing contractor to include any of the following in the fencing installation the costs will rise – waste removal, fence painting and/or treatment, or the installation of an integral garden gate
a wooden gravel board - remember to include the prce of these into your fence installation costsa wooden gravel board - remember to include the prce of these into your fence installation costs
Forest 6' x 6" Pressure Treated Wooden Gravel Board (1.83m x 0.15m) - Click Image to View

Tips for cost-effective fencing solutions

To keep your wooden fence installation cost low it makes sense to work out exactly what you want your fence for.

Consider what the fencing is for

It may be, for instance, that you can get away with a less expensive version, such as picket fence panels, when you are looking for a decorative answer. If you want it for security, then a chain-link or traditional panel fence would be a better bet. The modern slatted fence is particularly popular these days.

Sharing the cost with neighbours

Would your neighbours be willing to share the cost of the fence with you, considering it borders onto their garden too? That could make a big difference to your budget.

a modern slatted design is popular but will increase your fence installation costs significantlya modern slatted design is popular but will increase your fence installation costs significantly
Forest 6' x 6' Pressure Treated Contemporary Double Slatted Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.8m) - Click Image to View

Go DIY rather than paying for a professional

Another way to save money on your fence installation costs would be to do the job yourself. Just make sure that you know exactly what you are doing, otherwise, you could end up spending a lot more money having to buy more fencing and getting a professional fence installer eventually anyway.

Factor in maintenance costs

It is worth considering just how much maintenance your new contemporary fence will need, especially if it means paying for materials such as paint, varnish etc. This will be the case with wooden fences, where you could end up paying more than £100 to get someone to do it. The opposite is true with a composite, vinyl or metal fence – all of which require just a quick wipe down.

Avoiding unexpected expenses

The type of unexpected expenses it is possible to face could be the average cost of a skip or the services of a waste removal company to dispose of old fence panels, etc. Check with your fence installers whether this is included in the cost you are quoted.

It could be that you have to pay for the garden gate separately (if, indeed, you would like one along with your fence). Again, this is something to ask about prior to the installers putting up your fence.

Before you choose a material for your fencing, consider how it will react to the weather where you live. If you have bad winters, for instance, or scorching summers then how will wood, or metal fencing react in terms of aesthetics and durability?

a garden gate - something else to factor in to your fence installation costsa garden gate - something else to factor in to your fence installation costs
Forest Kyoto 3'x6' Decorative Pressure Treated Wooden Gate - Click Image to View

Check whether you need permission

Again, before you even start looking for fencing, find out if you need a permit to build. You can check this with your local authority, who may have particular restrictions regarding height in particular.

Under permitted development rights most local authorities allow rear and side fencing of up to two metres. If you are beside a road then the maximum height is one metre. Higher than this in both cases and you will have to apply for planning permission. That can set you back by as much as £200. Not complying with regulations could mean you having to remove the fence once it is up, as well as paying a fine.

Check with your neighbours that they are fine with you going ahead and installing the fence – otherwise, they may make life difficult for you. If their property (or your own) is listed, then you will need special planning permission and often will not be allowed to put up a fence (especially if it is attached to the property).

Conclusion: planning your fence investment wisely

a shorter fence panel will reduce your fence installation costsa shorter fence panel will reduce your fence installation costs
Forest 6' x 4' Paloma Pressure Treated Decorative Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.2m) - Click Image to View

When it comes to enhancing your property with a secure fence, there is no doubt a lot to think about. As well as getting the right fence material for your purpose, you will also want to find a good fence installer, preferably one who has put up this type of fencing before. Then you will want to consider ongoing maintenance costs, as well as how easy it will be to repair should the fence be blown down in high winds or bleached white by the sun. Work out too whether you really do need a 6ft high fence, or if a 4ft high version can achieve the privacy or security you are looking for.

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