What needs to be done in the garden in October?

What needs to be done in the garden in October? Good question.

October marks the return of the heavy rain, raging winds, freezing temperatures and in some cases even snow. Your garden will have to endure this harsh weather as well as everything in it and, therefore, you need
to help it protect itself. Plants will die back, leaves will fall and animals will disappear as well as all the life pretty much. Winter can be very damaging so here are a few tips we would advise to minimise damage.


Underneath the soil growing will continue to happen, hardy bulbs will continue to root and worms will still be decomposing mulch so we firstly suggest applying a new layer around the beds and trees.

We all have our favourite plants in the garden that you do not want to lose so focus your attention on those.
A good protection procedure is to remove all plants that look like they will not last and give the hardier plants more of a chance to survive as there will be more nutrients.

Any plants that can be moved, transfer them to a pot and then place them in a cold frame or greenhouse as they will survive through the harsh conditions this way and then when the time is right you can re-plant them in the beds.

With junior trees, a great method of protection is to wrap the trunks in fleece or Hessian bags and then cover these with a wire frame as it stops rodents from attacking the trunk. Another great aid is to tie a rope to the tree and fix a post next to it to keep it upright and prevent snapping, ideal for newly planted saplings.

Cover any plants that need protection with a blanket or tarpaulin as this will retain heat and reduce frost damage.


The Winter can do great damage to your property too if you do not prepare.

Patio furniture can be folded up and stored away in your shed, preventing rusting or even cracking during extreme frosts.

Bikes will get wet very often and, therefore, rust will start to form and cause damage to your bike, best to lock it away in your shed to keep it safe from easy theft especially now that it gets darker much faster.

Tools are in the same situation, rust will appear very fast if left out in the rain and, therefore, store away to prevent needing to buy a new set next Spring.

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In the rare case that we do see a spell of snow, act fast to prevent damage to your garden.
Snow collects on tree branches and adds immense pressure to the weaker branches, shake of all snow to avoid snapping as well as moisture damage. If there is a layer of snow on your Cold frame or Greenhouse then use a broom and get rid of it fast as it will block sunlight and reduce growing conditions inside the structure.

We recommend that if you want to have a healthy garden in the Spring then to take steps that will ensure an easy deference for your plants and garden against the frequent rain and freezing temperatures.

If you are thinking about investing in a Greenhouse or maybe a Cold Frame for the Winter then order now whilst you have dry weather to assemble properly! We have a fabulous range are amazing prices.

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