Putting up wooden fencing for yourself is a very rewarding process and is easier than you think. Fences are often overlooked and taken for granted, but with a little effort they can enhance your garden environment.

Replacing a damaged fence post

Tools needed

  • Saw
  • Fencefast repair spur
  • Fence post
  • Adjustable spanner and ratchet
  • Spirit level
  • Fencefast dolly
  • Sledge hammer

Fixing a damaged / rotten fence post

  1. Saw the old post flush with the concrete
  2. Take a Fencefast repair spur and position is over the corner of the old fence posts
  3. Using a dolly and a sledge hammer, drive the spur between the concrete and the corner of the old fence post
  4. Once in place, replace the dolly with the new fence posts and tighten the bolts
  5. Keep checking that the fence post is level with a spirit level