How to Use Trellis in the Garden

What sets a good garden apart from a great one? This simple question will doubtless receive countless answers, all of which could be right. But one answer that will crop up more often than most is trellis, often referred to as lattice. This criss-cross patterned frame is an incredibly simple idea, yet both remarkably elegant and wonderfully diverse too, allowing you to display truly beautiful plants in areas of the garden that might otherwise be out of bounds.  

Trellis is a wonderful way to make a garden great

At Buy Fencing Direct, we love garden trellis so, understandably, stock a superb range of trellis panels and products, suitable for a wide range of uses. Here, let us explain 6 of the most popular of those uses and take the opportunity to show you some of our outstanding trellis products.

Support Climbers

This is what trellis was really designed for. Whether showcasing some of nature’s finest flowers or indulging in a spot of vertical gardening, trellis panels are the best possible way to show off your plants vertically instead of horizontally. A trellis panel doesn’t have to mean an actual fence, though, because lattice works anywhere, including on a planter. Please click on the pictures below to view our superb range of trellis planters.

Trellis works wonderfully on planters


If trellis supports climbers, naturally it will look beautiful. There’s nothing to stop you showing off your climbing plants wherever you like, perhaps against an outside wall, but one of our favourite places is on top of a garden fence, which also has the advantage of increasing the height of your fence panel (should you so wish). Please click on the pictures below to see Buy Fencing Direct’s impressive range of decorative, trellis toppers. 

Trellis makes a splendid fence topper


Trellis toppers not only improve the aesthetic appeal of a fence panel, as just mentioned, they also increase the panel’s height, improving your garden’s level of privacy. If you enjoy chatting to your neighbours over the fence, however, you probably won’t want a higher fence. Maybe you have a little hideaway within your garden itself? A gazebo, perhaps? If you want your garden gazebo to be even more secluded, trellis is the answer. Please click on the pictures below to view some of our wonderful gazebos with trellis screening.

Trellis offers garden gazebos the option of additional privacy


In a modern garden, however, it’s not always yourself that you want to hide. The picture on the right of the top caption shows how trellis can be used to disguise unsightly wheelie bins, but one of the most overlooked eyesores in a garden are plain brick walls. Trellis is an excellent way to break up the monotony of an outside wall. Please click on the pictures below to view Buy Fencing Direct’s superb range of trellis garden screening.

Trellis is a superb way to break up a monotonous outside wall


The garden is very rarely one uniform area, normally consisting of a number of different sections, such as lawn, patio, flowerbeds and a vegetable patch. An increasing number of people even have different themes running through their gardens. Trellis obelisks are a superb way to mark different areas within the garden. Please click on the pictures below to browse our splendid range of free-standing trellis.

Obelisks make a beautiful feature anywhere in the garden

Natural Light

Imposing fence panels have their uses, primarily to block out the outside world, but what if you want to see life beyond your garden boundaries? Perhaps your big, towering panels are blocking a potentially wonderful view of the surrounding countryside? Perhaps they are having a negative impact on your garden’s levels of natural light and some of your plants are underperforming? If any of the above are presenting you with a problem, full trellis panels are the solution, offering you a clear, robust boundary but allowing an abundance of natural light to flow into your garden. Please click on the pictures below to view our stunning range of trellis panels.

Trellis fence panels provide a garden with more natural light

Buy Fencing Direct stock trellis in all shapes and sizes, from low-level support for climbers and vegetables, all the way up to full-sized garden screens. To view our superb full range of garden trellis, please click here.