End of Summer Garden Storage

As summer slowly comes to end, we don’t want to be party poopers, but soon your new barbecue, garden furniture and games will all need packing away. That's why we're here to get you thinking about end of summer garden storage.

As a nation, we invest time and money in our outdoor living purchases. We don't get to use them for as long, perhaps, as those in sunnier climes each year so we need to keep it all ship shape to enjoy year after year.

It certainly isn't wise to leave that new lawn mower or shiny barbecue outdoors to face the British winter. That's why we need garden storage we can rely on.

Join us as we consider what you need to store away and the best end of summer garden storage options.

Storing Garden Furniture

A small shed dedicated to storing your garden furniture is a wise investment. You may have added a few pieces this year and realised it won't all squeeze in next to the shed or at the back of the garage. Or you may have a metal bistro set or a wooden garden table and chairs that is vulnerable to rust or rot in wetter weather.

grey plastic shed with pent roof
5x3 Palram Pent Voyager Shed

With a large storage unit, you can give your outdoor furniture the home it needs for the colder months. It will be in much better condition when you get it back out in spring.


If you are fortunate enough to have pressure treated garden furniture or all-weather rattan furniture, it may be that you just need somewhere to store your cushions. That's when patio boxes come into their own.

metal garden cushion box
5x3 Globel Anthracite Grey Cushion Storage Box

A large garden storage box will give you plenty of room for your garden chair cushions and the cushions from your sun loungers and garden swing seats.

heavy-duty metal garden storage box
5x2 Falcon 165 Heavy Duty Metal Garden Storage Box 550L

Metal or plastic garden storage units are great for this purpose as they are water tight, impervious to mice and other 'invaders'. Next spring, you'll be taking out dry, intact cushions.

Storing Your Barbecue

Cleaning the barbecue is never the best job. But cleaning a barbecue that's been sitting out in all weathers? No thanks. The plastic covers that come with many barbecues are often swept away by the wind and spend the winter in next door's garden.

plastic outdoor storage shed
Toomax 842L Outdoor Plastic Shed

Instead, store your barbecue in a dry, secure garden store. You can clean up those BBQ tools too and give them a home for the autumn and winter rather than them cluttering up your kitchen drawers.

Storing Your Lawn Mower

Your mower may have a few more months of work to do. But, as the weather changes, it will be much happier in a dry, secure mower store.

metal garden storage unit with tools
5x3 Asgard Securestore Metal Shed

Once mowing season is over, have your mower serviced - prices tend to be cheaper this time of year than during the mad spring rush - and tuck it away to hibernate. Remove extra fuel if it's a petrol mower for safety.

wooden lawnmower storage
6'5 x 2'10 Forest Shiplap Large Double Door Mower Store

You'll be thanking us when in early spring you return to a serviced, rust-free mower ready to go. Have a look at our Mower Stores blog coming in September for more great storage units.

Storing Your Bike

A bike shed is an essential for avid riders. No one wants to climb on a bike with a wet seat or rusty parts. Plus, as the nights draw in, bike thefts are aided by the cover of darkness. A secure bike store is a great deterrent.

wooden apex bike shed with bikes
6'7 x 2'8 Mercia Overlap Bike Store

If you have a family of riders, bike storage is also perfect for helmets, lights, puncture kits and all other biking paraphernalia.

metal bike shed with bikes and helmets
7x3 Asgard Metal Bike Shed

To explore a full range of bike storage, check out our Bike Sheds blog.

Storing Your Garden Games

You know the summer is truly over when the swing ball gets packed away. That paddling pool that has managed to not get a puncture needs a home for the winter. And no one wants to find a badminton net with rotten netting when the warm weather returns.

large wooden outdoor garden storage
Forest Large Wooden Outdoor Storage Unit
a plastic garden storage box
5x2 Keter Brushwood 454L Plastic Garden Storage Box

So, pop all those great garden games in a dry garden storage box. It's also a great place to store year round garden toys such as footballs, skipping ropes and roller skates. You don't want the kids to have to clamber to the back of the shed or garage to get them.

Storing Your Year Round Garden Tools

tall wooden garden storage unit
3'6 x 2 Forest Tall Pent Wooden Garden Storage Tool Store

Autumn is still relatively busy in the garden but, come winter, things do quieten down. You may need less garden tools on a regular basis. So, why not keep your key tools close to hand?

tall plastic garden tool shed
2'8 x 2'1 Suncast Mannington Tall Plastic Garden Storage Shed

When you fancy a spot of pruning or just want to pull up a weed here or there, your perfect garden tool will be ready and waiting. You won't need to sort through your whole year's gardening arsenal for the right tool.

Tall wooden garden tool store
2x2 Shire Wooden Garden Store

Gosh! When you think about it, there really is so much for us to organise in the garden. Thank goodness for garden storage!

So, select your ideal outdoor storage unit from Buy Fencing Direct’s extensive range today, then sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of this wonderful summer, safe in the knowledge that you’ve already taken care of all of your garden storage requirements?