6'6 x 2'8 Forest Apex Overlap Logstore (2m x 0.8m)

A Log Store is the Best Place to Store Firewood

If you use a wood stove, log burner or open fireplace, a log store is essential. Whether you purchase seasoned, kiln-dried wood or dry out your own, you need to keep your logs dry and aerated so that they're in prime condition to burn.

Dry logs produce more heat and less smoke, which makes them more economical, more pleasant to burn and less likely to block up your flue.

Why use a Log Store?

Protection from Rain

a logstore with an apex roof and decorative sides
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In Britain, we don't have many long spells of dry weather. If your logs aren’t under cover then they’re going to get wet.

There’s no need to move them indoors or use up all the space in your shed. Simply buy a woodstore instead.

Always choose a woodstore with a sloping roof. This aids efficient rainwater run-off, protecting your firewood and minimising water damage to the store.

Protection from Ground Moisture

a logstore with a pent roof and slatted sides
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Flooring is another key feature. Without it, ground moisture will damage the bottom layer of your firewood, particularly if it's piled up on the grass.

A good woodstore prevents rot and mould by keeping ALL of your logs dry. Look for log storage with a slatted floor and raised on bearers.

Promotion of Good Aeration

a corner logstore with sloping roof and slatted sides
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To remain in prime condition, logs also need space for air to circulate.

Woodstores promote good air flow, even when they’re full of logs.

Look for a wood store with open-slatted sides, and either an open-slatted or fully-open back, designed to rest against a wall.

Types of Log Store

Traditional Log Sheds

a small, traditional logstore with a pent roof and slatted sides
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You can’t go wrong with this classic option.

Made from timber, with a floor, sloping roof and open slatted sides, it will keep your logs dry and your fire burning.

Decorative Log Stores

a large woodstore with an apex roof, finial and decorative sides
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A wood store with an eye-catching design will do an effective job and make a striking garden feature too.

An excellent example of this is the beautiful 6'10 x 2'10 Forest Apex Large Logstore (2.1m x 0.9m).

Log Sheds with Added Storage

a log shed with a pent roof and integral tool storage
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If you chop-up your own timber, you’re going to need an axe, and what better place to keep it than next to your logs?

Even if you buy ready-made firewood, a bit of extra garden storage for your kindling, stove gloves or regularly used garden tools never goes amiss.

Sheds with Woodstores

an 8x6 double door wooden shed with integral logstore
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If you’re in the market for a new shed too, why not kill two birds with one stone?

Backed by a market-leading 25-year guarantee, this premium wooden shed features an intelligent design, with sheltered outside space for tools, bikes and logs.

Woodstores Are Essential

an overlap logstore with an apex roof
Buy the 6'6 x 2'8 Forest Apex Overlap Logstore (2m x 0.8m) now

As you can see, if you own a wood burner, a woodstore isn’t just a nicety, it’s an absolute necessity.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to keep all of your firewood, or a second, smaller store for your immediate supply, you’re in exactly the right place.

That's because Buy Fencing Direct stocks a superb range of log stores so you can keep your firewood organised and in prime condition.

Updated 12.09.23