Your Guide to Lawn Mower Storage

Mower Store Sales Are Soaring

Lawn mower storage sheds’ popularity has surged in recent years.

In part, this is because many new-build homes feature smaller gardens. Think about it. If your outdoor space is at a premium, it makes sense to opt for something smaller than a typical 8x6 shed.

A large wooden store full of garden equipment

Another reason is that many people with larger gardens and sheds are already fully utilising their existing space and need to top-up their garden storage.

Also, consider this: if you have to move your bicycle, BBQ and outdoor furniture out of the way before you can mow the lawn, it makes sense to have separate lawn mower storage, doesn’t it?   

Lawn Mower Storage Sheds Are Versatile

large wooden outdoor garden storage

That’s not to say you’re obliged to use a mower store for your lawn mower, of course.

Many homeowners store their family’s bikes inside such sheds, simply because they need accessing more frequently than the lawn mower.

Mower sheds are a popular home for BBQ equipment and the kids’ favourite toys too.

This is because lawn mower storage sheds often have compact, space-saving designs, which comfortably fit into a corner of the patio, yet still offer the same level of protection as a conventional garden shed.

In fact, when all’s said and done, you don’t even need to own a lawn mower to benefit from a mower store.

Let’s take a look at 5 leading lawn mower storage sheds right now, to find out how they might solve your own garden storage needs.

5 Leading Lawn Mower Storage Sheds

A wooden mower store with its double doors open to reveal a mower and tools

Forest Shiplap Large Outdoor Mower Store

This outdoor lawn mower storage shed is expertly built in the UK from FSC®-certified wood, pressure treated and supplied with a superb 15-year guarantee.

Its wide double doors offer you outstanding access to the whole 2000-litre capacity, while a hasp and staple is ready for your padlock to keep your mower safe from unwanted attention.

metal garden storage unit with tools

5x3 Asgard Vangard Metal Storage Shed

If you own an expensive bike or lawn mower, this is the storage shed for you.

Weighing 76kg and fitted with a robust 2-point locking system, it provides exceptionally secure small garden storage.

Also including an integral metal floor and a 10-year guarantee, this lawn mower storage shed is completely weatherproof, impervious to rust and entirely maintenance-free.

A brown and beige plastic outdoor storage shed

Toomax 842-litre Plastic Outdoor Shed

This lawn mower shed offers extraordinary value for money and wonderful versatility, for it is also just the right size to store 2 wheelie bins.

The wide double doors and lift-up lid offer unbeatable access to all stored items, while the ribbed walls allow you to add shelving, should you desire.

A wooden lawn mower storage shed with its double doors open to reveal a mower

5x3 Windsor Overlap Mower Garden Storage

This wooden mower shed is built from 8mm overlap cladding and includes a solid sheet floor and roof.

Dip-treated and backed by a 10-year guarantee, it offers your lawnmower superb weatherproof protection.

The wide double doors are secured by adding a padlock to the padbolt, so your mower will also be protected from unwanted attention.

A woman stood outside a green, metal riding mower shed

10x8 Trimetals Premium Titan 108 Metal Shed

If you own a larger lawn mower, we haven’t forgotten about you.

This riding mower shed is designed just for your ride-on lawn mower.

Built from PVC-coated galvanised steel, backed by an extraordinary 25-year guarantee and featuring a key-operated locking system, this lawn mower shed provides expensive machinery with the protection it deserves.

There’s no wonder this riding mower shed is recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society.

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A brown, plastic lawn mower storage shed containing a red lawn mower

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of owning a mower store, take a moment to view our superb range of lawn mower storage sheds and find the perfect new home for your mower.