Forest 6' x 6' Pressure Treated Contemporary Slatted Fence Panel

The Benefits of Decorative Fencing

Decorative fencing is a wonderful way to freshen up any garden’s design because, whatever the layout of your outdoor space, your fence panels are one of the first features that everbody notices.

Furthermore, decorative fencing has the ability to completely transform a garden, with very little effort required on your behalf.

You don’t have to employ the services of a landscaper, fret about whether you have the space, or even sacrifice any of your other valued garden features.

All in all, decorative fencing offers you a win-win situation: an exciting, new look for your garden, with practically zero hassle.

Let’s take a look at five stunning decorative fence panels right now, all of them at the forefront of contemporary garden design, and every single panel manufactured to the very highest standards.

The Best Contemporary Decorative Fencing

A run of 5'11 x 5'11 double slatted, decorative fencing


Forest 5’11 x 5’11 Pressure Treated Contemporary Double Slatted Fence Panel

When discussing attractive, modern fencing, where else would we begin but with slatted fence panels?

Well, this striking 6x6 fence panel takes a new slant on that increasingly popular design by featuring double slats.

The clean, contemporary look is still there, but with enhanced privacy, security and strength.

Pressure-treated, with a gorgeous natural wood finish and a superb 15-year anti-rot guarantee, this is an excellent example of contemporary decorative fencing at its finest.

Forest 6' x 6' Vertical Hit and Miss Pressure Treated Fence Panel


Forest 6 x 6 Vertical Hit and Miss Pressure Treated Fence Panel

Hit and miss fence panels are amongst our favourite types of decorative fencing.

These premium fence panels are created by alternately fixing the boards to the front and rear of horizontal supporting battens. This creates a textured pattern, which is equally attractive from both sides.

Pressure treated and supplied with an impressive 15-year anti-rot guarantee, these decorative fence panels require no further treatment, saving you time and money.

Forest 6' x 6' Contemporary Grey Double Slatted Fence Panel


Forest 6 x 6 Contemporary Grey Double Slatted Fence Panel

With its eye-catching, water-resistant grey finish and contemporary double-slatted design, these beautiful fence panels will make a standout feature of your garden boundary.

Their double-slatted design offers you the best of both worlds, by allowing increased airflow and natural light into your garden to benefit your plants, while also providing you with effective privacy.

Expertly crafted from FSC-certified wood, dip treated and backed by a splendid 10-year guarantee, this grey fencing will make an exceptionally stylish frame for your garden for many years to come.

decorative fencing with a scalloped top trellis section


Forest 6 x 5 Paloma Pressure Treated Decorative Fence Panel

Once in a while, a decorative fence panel comes along that is so stunning, everybody sits up to take notice of it. Here is an example of that type of fence panel.

This garden fence has it all.

It features smooth-planed boards, styled in a modern hit and miss fashion, a trellis top section AND a scalloped top frame.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, why not adorn the trellis section with climbing plants for a completely unique garden boundary? 

This decorative fencing isn’t just jaw-dropping, it’s incredibly well-made too.

The timber is FSC®-certified, the frame mortise and tenon jointed, and the screws made from water-resistant galvanised steel.

To top it all, the whole panel is pressure-treated and backed by a superb 15-year anti-rot guarantee, so you’ll never have to buy another tub of wood preservative, ever again.

premium 6x6 tongue and groove fencing


Forest 6 x 6 Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove Fence Panel

Are you the type of person who appreciates nice things but has no interest in the latest trends?

Perhaps you believe that real style never goes in and out of fashion, and that it will always look beautiful?

If this is the case, here is your new garden fence.  

Also available with vertically-positioned boards, this decorative fencing oozes a timeless style that will enhance any outdoor area.

Naturally, it’s made from ethically-sourced wood, and features a mortise and tenon jointed, rebated frame to maximise its structural integrity.

You’ll never grown tired of admiring this 6x6 fence panel.

It’s a good job really, because it’s pressure-treated and backed by a 15-year guarantee, so it’s going to last a very long time.

Decorative Fencing for Sale

Forest 6' x 3' Pressure Treated Contemporary Double Slatted Fence Panel


You’ve seen some of the best decorative fencing on the market but it doesn’t end here.

Buy Fencing Direct is the UK’s leading supplier of garden fencing, so take a moment to view our superb full range of decorative fence panels and select a fence that will transform your own garden space.