Why You Need A Door Canopy

Little Details Count

A door canopy is one of those items that makes a house a home. It’s one of those little details that help us put our own personal stamp on where we live, transforming a standard bricks and mortar property into a unique, welcoming abode.

However, a door canopy isn’t simply there for aesthetic appeal. It has many practical uses too.

Benefits of A Door Canopy

an acrylic porch cover with galvanised steel poles

A Porch Canopy Protects Your Front Door

Your home is made from bricks and mortar, which are designed to withstand the changeable British weather.

Your front door is not.

Constant exposure to wind, rain and sleet will wear it down, both in terms of its appearance and its performance.

A porch canopy helps shield your door from the elements, maintaining its good looks, prolonging its lifespan and, ultimately, saving you the money of a costly replacement.

a polycarbonate porch canopy above a partially-open door

A Door Canopy Keeps You Dry

The next time you arrive at your front door, look at your watch and time how long it takes you to get into your home.

Then do the same when you’re on your way out and in the process of locking up.

The results might surprise you but the one thing that’s certain is this: the unlocking and locking-up processes invariably take longer when it’s tipping down with rain.

Once you own a porch canopy, you can put your watch away because it will no longer matter whether the key’s in your pocket or your bag.

You can search for it at your leisure because you’re already sheltered from the rain.

a white rain protector entryway cover above an open door

It Keeps Your Guests Dry Too

As we’re sure you’ll agree, if it’s important to keep dry as you wait to enter your home, it’s even more important for your guests to enjoy the same luxury.

When friends get out of their taxi and make a dash for your front door, it’s hardly fair if they’re soaking wet by the time you answer the bell.

Owning a porch protector is the height of good manners for any host.

What’s more, it guarantees that your dinner parties always get off to a good start.

a white door canopy above a grey front door

A Porch Canopy Is Stylish

Friends, relatives, neighbours and passers-by all notice your home’s façade.

And, of course, you do too.

If you’re going to make an effort to get the interior looking just-so, it’s only logical to take the time to make the outside of your home look beautiful too.

A porch canopy is a really neat and stylish feature, which, thanks to their shared symmetry, perfectly offsets a front door.  

Large Door Canopies and Patio Covers

a garden table and chairs underneath a grey polycarbonate patio cover

When a door canopy covers more than the immediate area in front of your door, it becomes a patio canopy.

Other names for it include a garden canopy, a garden awning and a lean-to gazebo.

Apart from their size, the main difference is their location.

Whilst a porch canopy is normally positioned above a front door, a patio canopy tends to reside at the back of the house.

This means it offers you a private, sheltered area in your garden, in which to relax or entertain friends, come rain or shine.

Door Canopies and Patio Canopies for Sale

a white porch canopy above the entrance to a house

As a Buy Fencing Direct customer, you undoubtedly take pride in the appearance of your home.

We’re sure that you like attractive products that boast useful benefits too.

So, take a moment to choose from our superb full range of porch canopies, patio canopies and garden awnings now; neither you, your guests or your front door will regret it.