The question is, which one is best?...

Like everything else there are advantages and disadvantages when choosing fence posts, concrete fence posts or wooden fence posts? This is definitely a “get what you pay for” situation, whether it’s the price, quality, appearance or practicality.

You could choose to use wooden fence posts for many reasons such as, the price; it’s one of the cheapest ways to support your panels. Appearance; many people find timber posts and panels give a warmer look to the garden and a neat design all around. Practicality; because this type of post is a lightweight option, easy to handle and will make installation a walk in the park. You may look at it a different way by seeing that there is disadvantages which could cause many issues…design; wood is basic and boring, you will have rot arrive on the posts which will look horrible and possible splitting of the wood, therefore you will need to replace/repair.

Concrete fence posts would be slightly harder to install due to their heavy weight and awkwardness to manoeuvre. These are more expensive to buy, however, you “get what you pay for” as they provide a stronger, long lasting structure to your panels. Concrete fence posts will not rot or decay over time, they plough through it all, and you also will not have to worry about the concrete splitting like you could have this problem with timber posts. By using concrete posts, you remove the need of nails, brackets and fixings.

This may seem like a difficult decision to some of you, however from the for’s and against, it shows concrete posts are the better choice in many areas, although, you may not like to spend that bit extra for them and therefore settle for the cheaper, not so good quality timber option.

At the moment our prices stand like this: 
• Wooden fence posts from £5.96 to £17.99, depending on size. to

• Lightweight, concrete fence posts at £16.91

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