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  1. Setting up a garden with The Blackberry Garden

    Setting up a garden with The Blackberry Garden

    Earlier this month, we spoke to Alison from The Blackberry Garden about setting up a garden from scratch to get some excellent tips for people just getting started with gardening, and especially for people who work full time and want to know how they can make the most of their garden. Take a look at our interview with Alison below.

    Our interview with The Blackberry Garden

    1. What made you decide to set up a garden from s

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  2. How to fit a garden gate

    How to fit a garden gate

    Go for chunky, solid, well made gates for years of easy access.

    Never skimp when buying your gate as it is the one piece of the garden that potentially is being opened, shut, slammed and swung on for years. Quality is the key to a successful gate.

    Choosing the right gate

    If you are buying a brand new gate, choose carefully to ensure it matches existing fencing or property. The 5-bar gate is a classic gate and well suited to estates, large driveways and

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  3. The ultimate guide to seasonal gardening

    The ultimate guide to seasonal gardening

    Whatever time of year it is, there’s always something to do in the garden. It’s great exercise for both mind and body – figuring out why something is thriving or barely surviving, and working out how something will come out in the future are hugely rewarding for any gardener. The interaction between gardener and the environment – and particularly how it changes from spring to winter – is what elevates gardening from outdoor decoration to an art form.

    Step into spring

    From Ma

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  4. How to paint a fence

    How to paint a fence

    To paint a fence may sound like a long and tedious job but forget slapdash and do it properly – your fence will thank you for it.

    Your fence may need a simple spruce up or a complete colour change, but the principles are the same. Do it properly and the result will last for years. Slap a dollop of paint all willy-nilly over your fence and it will look a mess, annoy the neighbours and you'll be doing it all over again next year. It's your choice!

    Sprightly new fences

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  5. How to spot damage and fix broken fence panels

    How to spot damage and fix broken fence panels

    A rotten fence doesn't have to mean a broken garden dream – simply get it fixed.

    Wooden fences and posts eventually rot or even snap in strong winds. And if your panels are sagging, slumping or are a holey disgrace then it's easy to sort.

    Checking for damage

    Fence-fit check ups

    Make checking your fences a part of your weekly gardening routine. A quick waggle of the posts and visual inspection of the panels will spot trouble before it becomes

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  6. How to Build a Fence

    How to Build a Fence

    Let us guide you through the basics of how to build a fence.

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  7. Top 10 fun ideas to start children gardening this summer

    Top 10 fun ideas to start children gardening this summer

    As the summer holidays approach, as a parent you are probably looking for ideas to stave off the inevitable ‘I’m bored’ statement for as long as possible. Gardening with children is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise, and have fun together.

    We spoke with Victoria Myhill at Budding Gardeners to get her ideas on what to do this summer and fun ways to get children gardening. The post below has been provided by Vict

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  8. How to add a garden gate into a fence

    How to add a garden gate into a fence

    There are all sorts of reasons for adding a gate to a garden fence. You might want to let your children get into next door’s garden to play with their friends. Perhaps your newly landscaped garden has a new path. Whatever the reason, adding a new garden gate can be easily done without much hassle or expense.

    A step by step guide to installing a gate

    1. Pick your spot

    Think through exactly how the gate is going to be used. Pay close attention

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  9. How to maintain garden structures

    How to maintain garden structures

    Sheds, fences, pergolas, arbours, trellises and even playhouses are all great things to have in a garden. But the wind, rain, snow and sunshine all take their toll and what looked like a shiny new addition to your garden can end up looking worn out and dilapidated if you don’t maintain it.

    Maintaining garden structures is a necessary chore. Any gardener who has ever ripped out a decrepit old fence or shed will think wistfully that it would have been far easier and cheaper to maintain

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  10. Waste not, want not: Top tips for recycling

    If you’ve had a shiny new set of tools for Christmas, or some new furniture or some plant pots, then spare a thought for whatever it is they are replacing. With landfill sites becoming ever fuller, it is becoming more and more expensive – in every respect – to simply throw things away.

    So why not find a new purpose for your old things? Recycling and reusing is a very important part of sustainability and you may well surprise yourself with your own inventiveness. Take some time to think

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