Monthly Archives: January 2017

  1. Growing a garden on your decking

    There are many reasons that people shop farmer’s markets or grow their own vegetables in backyard gardens. While the various products offered may, and usually do, look less attractive than the ones found in the grocer’s, they more than make

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  2. How to make the most of your outdoor space in winter

    You do not have to seal yourself into the home for months awaiting a warmer climate, you can get out in the garden, enjoy it despite the cold and dark and even enjoy a little bit of gardening.

    So if you are of the type of person that does not

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  3. How to make your decking more homely

    As the weather begins to change and spring turns into summer, more and more people leave the confines of their homes to enjoy their outdoor spaces. Many people have garden areas with decking and the key is making the outdoor decking more inviting for

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  4. How to start a container garden

    Whether you’re a city dweller and don’t have room for an entire garden or prefer to stay indoors, starting a container garden can be the perfect solution for those looking for a convenient way to grow beautiful plants and fresh vegetables

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  5. The best time to install garden decking

    The popularity of decking continues largely thanks to the fact that it provides such an attractive and functional focal point, yet can be installed by those with only basic DIY carpentry skills. With a wide range of components allowing for complete bespoke

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  6. Planning your garden decking area

    If you're thinking of laying a flat surface in your garden, you are probably torn between the range of options available from concrete slabs to decking or even decorative aggregates.

    Love it or hate it, garden decking is the more economical option

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  7. Why choose decking over patios?

    Decking, decking, decking – read all about it! Even though decking has been around for years, people seem to think that it is a new novelty. Many people will tell you that they want it because it looks nice but they can’t afford it or it’s too complicated,

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  8. Quick build garden decking tips

    The Easy Deck-Bearer system which allows a ground level deck to be built in just a morning, leaving the afternoon for relaxing in the sun.

    This new system comprises of pre-notched deck bearers that simply slot together to form a strong decking

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  9. Drainage for garden decking

    There has some press coverage suggesting that garden decking is partly to blame for flooding in the UK. This is a complex issue and clearly reducing the area available for drainage can't be helpful. But there are ways you can still get the decking area

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  10. Taking care of your decking this summer

    This season is set to be a scorcher and the sun's intense rays can take its toll on our decking. Whether through fading, cracking through excessive dry air, or bleaching the original colour, homeowners will need to rethink their decking options this summer.

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