Fences are the backdrop for our gardens. Like a canvas, our plants, trees and other garden features create a picture – all framed by our garden fence.

There are lots of fence styles to choose from – from traditional overlap fencing to decorative garden fencing styles, such as our Paloma fence panels. Why not take a look at our decorative fencing? Just click here to view our full range. But for some, the usual choices aren’t enough to satisfy their creative vision.

If you want to make a bolder statement with your fence line, we’ve gathered lots of creative fencing ideas for how to use your fence to add something extra special to your garden.

Decorative fencing ideas:


A simple way to spice up your garden fence is to give it a splash of colour. From softer greens and blues to bright pinks and purples, there is a shade for every taste. Plus, if you fancy a change next season, just grab the paint brush and you can match the latest trends.



If you are particularly gifted with the paint brush or even the spray can, you can use your artistic flair to create an art piece to show your personality and make a gallery in your own garden.



Using unusual planters can liven up a fence. From brightly coloured tin cans to the humble welly, your imagination is your only limit when planning planters for your fence.



Using lighting on your fence line can add real drama to your garden. Whether you use candles, solar lighting or call in the electrician, the use of garden lighting will have real impact.


Add Something Different

Wheel hubs? Marbles? Twigs? Think outside the box when decorating your fence and you’ll be rewarded with a truly unique fence.


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